Whitby, Ont. – A recent stack test, initiated by Durham and York Regions, showed results for boiler #1 were in exceedance of the Environmental Compliance Approval (ECA) limits for dioxins and furans at the Durham York Energy Centre (DYEC). Stack test results for boiler #2 demonstrated that all emissions were well below ECA limits and the facility continues to operate with boiler #2. The Regions have requested Covanta (the facility operator) take boiler #1 off-line and prepare a satisfactory abatement plan. The plan will address the root cause of the exceedance and identify the actions necessary to prevent further exceedances; at that time an additional stack test will be required of Covanta.

The stack test results were in compliance with local air quality and human health limits as per Ontario
Regulation 419/05 (Air Pollution – Local Air Quality) and were less than two per cent of the regulatory limit. The
stack test report will be submitted to the Ministry of the Environment and Climate Change (MOECC).

The MOECC has imposed strict limits on the air emissions for the DYEC, ensuring that this facility will operate in a safe and environmentally responsible manner. Covanta is contractually obliged to comply with the emission limits in the ECA. Covanta will be required to demonstrate compliance to the satisfaction of the regions and the MOECC. The regions will take all steps necessary to hold Covanta to the contractual agreement and ensure they meet the operating parameters set out by the ECA.

The testing was done by an accredited laboratory. The Regions also had a peer reviewer conduct a
comprehensive review of the stack test including testing protocols and auditing lab procedures.

Current emissions monitoring data is posted online at the project website www.durhamyorkwaste.ca and on a
large electronic board outside of the visitor's centre.  This is done to promote and ensure transparency and compliance by Covanta with the Environmental Compliance Approval limits. Environmental reports, as well as a comprehensive overview of the facility and answers to frequently asked questions are available online.

The Durham York Energy Centre, located in Courtice, is Durham Region's primary long-term disposal option for waste and only processes the household waste remaining after Durham and York's aggressive
composting, recycling and reuse programs. Both regions are leaders in waste diversion with diversion rates consistently above 50 percent. For more information on the Durham York Energy Centre, visit
www.durhamyorkwaste.ca, call 1-800-667-5671, or email info@durhamyorkwaste.ca.

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