WHITBY, ON – The Durham York Energy Centre (DYEC), a state-of-the-art energy-from-waste (EFW) facility has been recognized as an Infrastructure 100: World Cities Edition 2012 Project by KPMG in Canada. The DYEC is owned by the Regional Municipalities of Durham and York.

“The Durham York Energy Centre will have a positive impact on communities within Durham and York Regions,” said Durham Regional Chair and Chief Executive Officer Roger Anderson. “The new centre will be able to process up to 140,000 tons of residential waste per year, while recovering both materials and energy. Key infrastructure developments like the energy-from-waste facility will enhance our reputation as a leader in waste management, as well as meet the current and future needs of Durham residents.”

“This project represents strong collaboration between two neighbouring municipalities,” said York Region Chairman and Chief Executive Officer Bill Fisch, “The residents of York and Durham Regions benefit from a solid partnership spanning a number of our core businesses. As our communities continue to work toward reducing waste, the Durham York Energy Centre provides a much-needed service to our residents and to the environment.”

The DYEC will process the residential waste that remains after Durham and York Regions' aggressive and highly successful composting and recycling programs. Through thermal mass burn technology, the municipal solid waste will be fed into a furnace where it is burned at temperatures higher than 1,000 degrees Celsius. The remaining ash will then be shipped to landfill or reused in product manufacturing. The DYEC will process waste to create energy in the form of steam, electricity and heat with an approved capacity of 140,000 tonnes per year. The EFW facility will also be capable of recovering materials such as steel and aluminum.

“Being profiled in Infrastructure 100 is a mark of distinction for the Durham York Energy Centre, as largescale infrastructure projects are vital to support strong communities. Infrastructure serves to support the economy, environment and neighborhoods,” said Cliff Curtis, Durham Region’s Commissioner of Works. “We are excited to proceed with construction—this project is essential in ensuring residents of Durham and
York Regions have a long-term local solution for managing solid waste. We are confident that the DYEC will set the gold standard for the future of waste management in Canada.”

“We are very proud to have the Durham York Energy Centre included in Infrastructure 100. This project, the first incinerator approved in Ontario within the past 22 years, respects our Council's commitment to energy recovery,” said Erin Mahoney, York Region’s Commissioner of Environmental Services. “The Durham York Energy Centre is being built to the highest specifications and will provide a much-needed local waste processing service to both our regions to meet our long term needs.”

Construction of the facility is well underway with a target operation date in the later half of 2014. Covanta Energy Corporation is the full service contractor that will design, permit, build, start up, commission and operate DYEC for Durham and York Regions.

The Infrastructure 100: World Cities Edition 2012 celebrates 100 examples of great projects underway in cities around the world. The Durham York Energy Centre was selected from projects across the globe, under the category of Recycling and Waste Management, with the potential to change the nature of urban environments.

About Infrastructure 100 With more than half of all humanity condensed into cities, which collectively make up less than two per cent of the planet’s land cover, urban infrastructure has become one of the world’s greatest challenges. The Infrastructure 100 was created to share leading-edge developments among those in the industry as well as raise infrastructure's profile among those outside of the industry and clarify infrastructures
importance and impact on society. The first edition of Infrastructure 100 was issued in 2010, with more than 12,000 hard copies distributed worldwide. The second edition was released in July 2012 at the World Cities Summit in Singapore.

Funding for the DYEC was made possible by the federal Gas Tax Fund. This program provides
municipalities with a source of stable and predictable funding for environmentally sustainable infrastructure, while also helping to stimulate economic development, create new jobs and improve infrastructure to support economic growth and long-term prosperity. Municipalities may use this funding for infrastructure projects that contribute to cleaner water, air and reduced greenhouse gas emissions.

For more information on the DYEC, visit www.durhamyorkwaste.ca, call 1-800-667-5671 (toll-free) or email info@durhamyorkwaste.ca.

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