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Durham York Energy Centre

Quick Technical Facts About the DYEC

Facility Address:

  • 1835 Energy Drive, Clarington, Durham Region, Ontario, Canada, L1E 2R2

Map displaying DYEC location
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Site Size:

  • 12 hectares


  • 100 per cent publicly owned by Durham and York Regions


  • Covanta

Processing Capacity:

  • 140,000 tonnes of garbage/year (110,000 tonnes/year from Durham Region and 30,000 tonnes/year from York Region)


Boiler Design:

  • 2 Municipal Solid Waste-fired Combustors (MWC) utilizing mass burn technology; each capable of processing 218 tonnes/day or 70,000 tonnes/year for a combined total of 436 tonnes/day or 140,000 tonnes/year

Air Pollution Control Equipment:

Each individual boiler will have its own dedicated Air Pollution Control system consisting of:

Emissions Monitoring:

Stack Height:

  • 87.6 metres

Electrical Energy Generation:

  • GE turbine generator produces gross electrical output of 17.5 MW and a net output of approximately 14 MW.
  • Electricity is sold to the provincial grid under a Power Purchase Agreement (PPA) with the Ontario Power Authority (OPA).

Secondary Materials Recovery:

Wastewater Discharge:

  • Zero wastewater discharge to the municipal sanitary sewer system (except for the office washrooms and kitchen facilities). All process water is reused within the facility.