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Durham York Energy Centre

Environmental Monitoring Plans & Reports


The Noise Monitoring and Reporting Plan has been prepared to satisfy Condition 19 of the EA Notice of Approval and Condition 7(5) of the Environmental Compliance Approval (ECA). The Noise Monitoring and Reporting Plan outlines how the facility complies with the limits set out in the Ministry of the Environment's Publication NPC-300, formerly NPC-205 “Stationary and Transportation Sources-Approval and Planning August 2013”, as well as other commitments made in the Environmental Assessment (EA) Study Document. An Independent Acoustic Audit on the actual noise emissions due to the operation of the facility will be carried out and reported in accordance with Publication NPC-233 and reported to the Ministry of Environment and Climate Change (MOECC) Director and District Manager within three months of first receiving waste at the facility. Annual noise monitoring will occur during peak facility activity and a summary document of the results will be submitted to the MOECC Director.


Ministry Correspondence